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Conventional LNG To Power

Equatoriale Energy, together with its consortium partner are engaged in the development of a large, LNG to Power project in Southern Vietnam. These investments are based on research and analysis of key local driving factors such as the strong growth of the Power Sector, based on the demand forecast, the government policies indicating gradual shift to cleaner fuels to combat pollution and climate change and depleting local gas resources. The consortium of Equatoriale & Partners is recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) the main government agency in charge of energy (exploitation, development, distribution) as Power Projects Developers.

Currently the project is in an advanced stage of development, progressing step-by-step with required approvals, permits etc. with the support of the local provincial government, central government and various state agencies.

Equatoriale, together with its consortium partner shall undertake the development, financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the Project on a 25-year agreement.

The project is expected to be among the first Power Projects in Vietnam involving imported LNG as feedstock, utilizing, and operating a dedicated, LNG terminal and subsea pipeline for the purpose of the plant

The Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) together with their auxiliaries and transmission facilities will be located on land. The FSRU will be in about 15m of water depth, about 25.5 km from shore. Berthing Jetty and breakwater wall will be erected to facilitate FSRU and LNG Carrier mooring and operations. A subsea natural gas pipeline, transporting regasified LNG from FSRU to the power plants will be installed; the pipeline will be sized to accommodate the requirements of the total capacity of the plant along with the provision of expansion.