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Floating LNG Logistics

Equatoriale Energy, has developed solutions for LNG shipping, floating storage & regasification together with Pape Engineering to support LNG to power adoption.

FSRUs are no longer used as short term solutions, but rather are now considered by developers as long-term facilities, from the very early stage of LNG to power projects. This reinforces the assessment that 25 years charter will become the norm in the FSRU market, stretching all cost differentials in favour of the barge type.

Equatoriale’s FSRU is a purpose-built, dedicated floating facility, strictly optimized for the purpose of Storage and Regasification tasks. This pure FSRU is therefore conceived as a barge-shaped floater, with simplified structure, minimal machinery and systems, and tailored accommodations offering just the required offices and control rooms for the mission at hand.

Equatoriale has worked with PAPE to develop innovative CAPEX/OPEX – LITE line up of Small Scale FRSU & LNGs that work together as a Hub & Spoke model to optimize LNG shipping costs based on Demand Supply characteristics.


⦁ Size corresponding to capacity
⦁ Shallow draft to off-load to FSRU/FLPP located close to shore
⦁ 2 sets of manifolds to suit small scale and conventional

“Type C”
LNG Tanks

⦁ Pressure vessel type tank
⦁ No restriction on partial
filling, no secondary barrier
⦁ Easy incorporation/installation in vessel design
⦁ Little/no maintenance

Dual Fuel Diesel
Electric Propulsion

⦁ Environmentally friendly, low emission
⦁ Can switch from gas to MDO and vice versa (Redundancy)
⦁ Lower fuel consumption than MDO

IFV Regasification

⦁ Intermediate Fluid water-glycol) Vaporization
⦁ Compact heat exchangers, low maintainability & flexibility
⦁ Suitable for warm climate