Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy

Equatoriale Energy has worked with PAPE in appraising renewable energy including hydro electric and solar (on land and floating) energy for investment by its stakeholders. The objectives of the appraisal are to review the technical specifications of the plant, perform commercial analysis based on previous years’ performance and project for the next 20 years based on the contract structures. The main purpose of the investment analysis is to identify the various risk factor and evaluate the returns to the investor based on the projections and future expansion plans.

Energy transition towards cleaner, renewable sources has effectively begun and is expected to only intensify over the years. Pushed by incentives from governments and inter-government agencies with a focus on climate commitments, large IOCs & NOCs are looking to diversify their income streams and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Financiers promoting green energy will bring in the required scale benefits reducing generation costs of renewables below conventional forms. Finally, technological advancements shall assure reliability and storage capability to make renewable energy the preferred baseload solution.

Green Hydrogen

Equatoriale Energy in addition to being actively pursuing opportunities in the solar, wind and hydro plants business, is developing plans to be involved in geothermal energy and green hydrogen.

It is projected and planned that in the near future, a significant portion of Equatoriale’s activities and revenues shall be projects involving green hydrogen as an energy source and its generation and utilization.